History of LumAware

Zachary Green is a former infantryman with the United States Marine Corps and was working as a volunteer firefighter when he envisioned a tremendous benefit of photoluminescent technology in firefighting.

Quickly realizing the potential for photoluminescent equipment and other items for firefighters, Green founded LumAware in 2010. In the same year, he introduced the first LumAware products to the world, showing the capability of the illuminating helmet band and do-it-yourself illuminating epoxy kit.

Now, Green is LumAware’s CEO — when he’s not off fighting fires, of course. LumAware is located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

We are devoted to keeping our fellow firefighter friends and family safe. LumAware™ listens to the needs and wants of our customers, always looking to improve ourselves. The LumAware mission is to create and deliver quality and safe products and back them with uncompromising customer service.