8 in. x 12 in. Photo-luminescent Evacuation Map Holder

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Photoluminescent Acrylic Evacuation Map Holder 8 in. x 12 in. When power is out and backup systems fail, LumAware products allow you to visibly locate your surroundings in zero light without the need for emergency lighting or backup battery-operated devices. LumAware products can help you integrate photoluminescence into you regress systems. Our products will charge very quickly from virtually any light source (fluorescent, incandescent, unfiltered UV, LED, etc.) and can be recharged indefinitely.

  • Delivers safety information when blackouts occur
  • Illuminates for hours, increasing wayfinding effectiveness
  • Helps lead building occupants and guests to safety in the dark
  • Sleeve design makes it easy to swap revised evacuation plans in and out
  • 10+ years
  • UL tested to ASTM E2073/2072
  • Charges very quickly from virtually any light source

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